Iphone 15 Pro MAX

iPhone 15 Pro Max OLED screen burn-in

The launch of the iPhone 15 by Apple has not been without problems. It appears that there is another issue to be resolved on one model: image retention, or “burn-in,” which leaves a ghostly picture on the screen.

The image retention issue, or “burn-in,” has been around for years with OLED screens. It occurs when the screen content remains static for an extended period. This leaves a watermark. However, the latest OLED devices and screens can minimize this risk, and the problem has been less prevalent recently.

Although we did not notice any screen burn-in when writing our iPhone 15 Pro Max Review, the most expensive iPhone 15 models are prone to develop the issue based on user complaints. Phandroid also reported this.

Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) have reported the issue. It’s hard to tell how widespread it is.

Replacement units

The images posted online show that the problem is more comprehensive than screens. We’ve seen photos of ghostly keys and icons that remain on displays.

Many users report that Apple has provided free iPhone 15 Pro Max replacements. If you notice the same problem with your iPhone 15 Pro Max, your best option is to contact Apple via its official website or your local Apple Store and inquire about a new unit.

Apple has not acknowledged that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is affected. A subset of phone displays may be affected and can be quickly replaced.

Apple recently acknowledged an issue with the iPhone 15 Pro where devices turn off at night. A fix has been issued. However, the issue should have been avoided.

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